Health & Safety


Always place your gear (paddle, drink bottles etc) in the boat, so both hands are free. Listen to sweeps instructions and always get into and out of the boat in pairs – ie with your partner.


Know your paddling partner by name and face.

Obey instructions of the sweep at all times.

Push yourself hard up against the side of the boat and avoid sliding across seat by bracing with your feet.

If the boat begins to “rock” keep paddling, as this will keep the boat going forward and will stop the boat from tipping over.

When boat is not being paddled, places blades flat on the water to prevent tipping.


If you are under the water, place your hand above your head to prevent knocking your head when surfacing.

If you come up under the boat do not panic. There should be an air pocket, so take a breath of air then swim out from under the boat and advise your paddling partner that you are OK.

Ensure your partner is OK, and if not, alert sweep or coach, who will give the next instructions and instigate a search.

Report any missing paddlers or injury immediately.

DO NOT swim away from the boat, stay with the boat at all times as it floats.

Await instruction form sweep and coach to collect all the paddles and other gear.

Stay calm, and listen for instructions on how to proceed to recover the boat and to turn it right way up.

Always stay with the boat as the boat is “swum” into the shore.


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