Below is a list of frequently asked questions about dragon boating below.


Can anyone come paddling?

For insurance and safety reasons paddlers have to be 13 years of age or older and we have to register all paddlers with our State body. Our coaches have current Working With Children clearance.

What does Forza do?

Forza is primarily a dragon boat racing club but we do provide other opportunities for –
* Non competitive dragon boat paddling,
* Non competitive kayak paddling,
* Kayak storage at our facilities,
* Social functions for members,
* Team building and bonding sessions for organisations, and
* Run community events and participate in local festivals


How fit do I have to be?

If you have a desire to do well and you are prepared to do the hard work at and outside of training it will not take long to build what is commonly known as ‘paddle fitness’. You may be muscle sore after your first few sessions but if you stick with it you will condition the muscles and improve your aerobic capacity quickly. No one is asked to do more than they can physically manage and new paddlers are actively encouraged to pull their paddle in to rest and recover when they get tired.

Dragon boating is a great sport for improving core strength, muscle tone, aerobic and anaerobic capacity, and is an excellent way supplement an existing exercise program or sport.


Is it hard to learn?

Under ABOUT there is a Technique tab with a link to a video that outlines the paddling technique. You also just need to practice the THREE Ts of dragon boating – Technique, timing and teamwork.

These are the keys to good paddling and many of us are still working to perfect these. It’s not hard to learn and with supportive coaches and commitment it won’t take long to gain the basis. The coaches will assist and support you in all aspects of dragon boating.


What equipment do I need?

Forza supplies all the boats, paddles, race tops and safety equipment.

Wear shorts and t-shirt you don’t mind getting wet as you will get wet! Bring a towel, a change of clothes, a drink bottle and sun screen.

It is a good idea to have a pair of shoes (eg. Wading shoes, Crocs etc.). Racing tops will be supplied on race day but you can purchase one if you wish.


Is it safe? I’m worried about the boat capsizing

It is very unlikely that the boat will capsize but if it does it will not sink! However, you should be able to swim 50 metres. Poor or non-swimmers must wear a personal floatation device (PFD) and Forza has a safety procedure that is strictly followed in event of a rollover.


How often do I have to train?

From September to April we have three training sessions per week. It is not compulsory to attend all three but we encourage paddlers to come along whenever they can. Attendance at training is one consideration when selecting racing crews so the more sessions you attend the better. If you have to miss sessions it is advisable to notify the coaches beforehand.

From May to August the training session is once per week. Training during the off season can vary due to weather.


Is it social?

Yes!!! We have many social events like Sunday coffee after training, Friday night meals after training, casserole nights, kayak paddling, BBQs, pizza nights etc. We have a strong focus on providing social opportunities you can have fun on and off the water!!


When does the season start?

Some say “The season never ends!”

However there are two distinct periods. September to April is the Grand Prix season where there are about 5 regattas followed by two State Championship days and then the National Championships.

The period from May to August has two or three marathon events. During this time we usually only train once per week and have July off altogether.


What if I only want to get fit and not race?

Forza can accommodate you but you may be required to work in with our racing crews. If we have enough people who just want to paddle for fun and fitness we can arrange this as well.

We also have a group of members who paddle kayaks on a regular basis and this is a great way to enjoy paddling and get fit.

If at a later date you would like to try racing this is fine, just see our coaches to arrange this.


How much does it cost?

The costs depends upon what type of membership you want. Look under our JOIN tab for he list of Club Subscriptions and Fees.


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