Dragon Boat Racing in Western Australia

Dragon Boating WA (DBWA) is the West Australian governing body for dragon boat racing. All WA Clubs are members of DBWA.

Prior to the formation of Dragon Boating WA the State Association was the WA Dragon Boat Federation (WADBA) which was the Australia’s first State body founded in 1985.

DBWA is the most recent body to organise dragon boat racing at the State level which is called Grand Prix racing. DBWA has made racing fairer by –

  1. applying the AusDBF rules of racing to all Grand Prix events;
  2. using fleets of standard boats;
  3. conducting all Grand Prix racing on the purpose built course at Champion Lakes (Armadale); and
  4. Standard racing distances (200 metres, 500 metre, 1000 metres and 2000 metre) for Grand Prix regattas.

Dragon boat races are held in West Australia from Broome and Kununurra in the North, and from Perth to Albany in the South. West Australian Clubs tour regularly within the State, Australia and overseas. WA clubs have been very successful competing at events throughout the world.

WA has very successfully hosted the National Championships in 1995, 2004, 2008 and 2015.  More than 3,000 paddlers attended  the National Championships in April 2015 at Champion Lakes.  The event was held to help celebrate 100 years since the first ANZACs left Albany to fight in World War 1.

For more info on DBWA visit http://dragonboatingwa.asn.au/


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