Bling, Bling, Bling, Bling………

State Championships 2017 – Day 2
Another outstanding performance by all who attended yesterday, winning four medals across the five race categories that we competed in –
Women’s Tens – Bronze
Mixed Tens – Bronze
Open Tens – Bronze
1,000m Turn race
Mixed 20s – Bronze
Big thanks to –
• Stella
• Ian
• Tania
• Michelle (volunteer Day 1)
• Celeste
• Brad & Deb for towing boats
• Chris for hauling gear & people
A very special mention to our women who won their first Women’s Tens medals. It was fantastic that the women came to the Coaching Panel expressing a desire to compete as a team. With limited training sessions as a crew, the increased attendance at trainings, improved performances at two regattas and an improvement in “belief” has been outstanding. Keeps the momentum going!
Well done all our men with continued commitment and dedication to each other and the club. With limited number of men and an aging list we continue to “punch above our weight” across various categories of racing. Recruitment of several younger men is essential for progress.
Congratulations to all involved in our club for the 2016-17 racing season.


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