Gold and 3 Bronze – Day 2 (Tens) State Championships 2016

An outstanding TEAM EFFORT by the 23 members who attended the 10s State Champs.  Huge effort by all to come away with 3 bronze (2,000m Mixed 20s, 200m Open 10s and 500m Open 10s) and Gold medals (500m Mixed 10s).

This was an outstanding performance when we take into account that three of our stronger paddlers were unavailable on the day.

Big thanks to;

  • Mark Stanaway and Linda Milne (volunteers);
  • Brad & Deb for hauling tents, uniforms, paddles etc;
  • The rowing club who left a tent for us to use from the previous days rowing regatta:
  • All those who drove others up and back;
  • Neville for volunteering to “pull the tent down” instead of moving boats; and
  • Everyone for being so helpful and supportive of each other on the day.

Those of you who haven’t received your medals please attend training this week (Tuesday and Thursday only) and collect them.


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