Annual General Meeting – summary of main outcomes

Elected Committee of Management for 2015/16 Season
Manager – Neville McNeill
Assistant Manager – Brad Brooksby
Treasurer – Alison Tremayne
Secretary – June Foulds
Head Coach – Mark Kusin

Change of training days
When full training resumes (keep an eye out for the email to be done soon) the following days and times will apply –
Sundays – 8:30am for 9:00am on water
Tuesdays – 5:30pm for 6:00pm on water
Thursdays – 5:30pm for 6:00pm on water
The half hour before “on water is really important as this is time allowed for our warm up and stretching prior to on water training.

Club Subscriptions and Fees for 2015/16 Season
The new fees were accepted by the members and will be posted on the website soon. There are minor increases on last season due to increases in operating costs.
Fees are not due until 1st October 2015 and anyone who wishes to pay by instalments should contact Treasurer Alison Tremayne.


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